Our God Is So Weird That’s Why I love Him So Much!

Weird: unearthly, mysterious, unusual.

by Reverend David E. Swaggerty

In the book of Isaiah we read in chapter 55:8 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord.” Many Believers misquote this verse, applying this statement to Us, the believers, when in fact He is speaking to Unbelievers, wicked & unrighteous, about the benefits of Salvation to come. Christians often quote this verse seemingly to justify their lack of understanding or complying with God’s Word and expectations for the believer (it sounds like humbleness or piousness).

If we have walked out of darkness into Light, that means we can now Know – Have – Think – the thoughts of God by putting His THOUGHTS into our mind and heart. If you have put His Word in your heart, you have put His Thoughts in your heart; if you have put His promises in your Spirit, you have put His Ways in your Spirit.

The Spirit of the Lord says: “For who hath know the Mind of the Lord, that he may instruct him?” We have! I Corinthians 2:16 reads, “We have the Mind of Christ.” What does God’s Mind think? NEVER Defeat – Fear – Worry…God sees heaven’s Possibilities, Promises…God sees and Knows the Future like it was yesterday.

The scripture declares: What is man that thou art mindful of him, thou has made him a little lower than the Angels, created in His image, filled with His Breath (Spirit) and has transferred ALL the authority given to Jesus while on earth into our hands, care, and use of you and me for the purpose of “Declaring the KINGDOM OF GOD IS COME.”

Isn’t that WEIRD OF GOD? Don’t get upset with me for the way I see and think, but I think our God is soooo WEIRD and COOL. Look ahead and you will begin to see what I mean by the way He does things. (Not in chronological order.)

God used RAVENS to feed Elijah in (I Kings 17:4) – a ROOSTER to tell on Peter (Matt. 26:74) – and a DONKEY to prophesy to a carnal prophet (Numbers 22:28) – a WIDOW woman with only a little meal and a few drops of oil to feed the man of God for a year and then supplied her total need until the famine was over (I Kings 17:9-16) – In II Kings 4: the wife of a prophet has one pot of oil and at the instruction of Elisha, borrows as many pots as possible and pours from the one pot into all the others, meeting her needs and supplying for her Total Retirement – He made SPIT HEAL…One time He SPIT in a man’s eyes to heal them (Mark 8:23) and another time He SPIT in the dirt and made MUD to heal another’s eyes (John 9:6) – He turned STICKS into POWERFUL WEAPONS to part Seas and other times turned them into serpents to consume other serpents, and at other times used them to produce Water from Rocks (Exodus) – He also said if men didn’t praise Him that He would give Voices to the ROCKS to praise Him (Luke 19:40) – He fed 5000 with 5 loaves of bread and two fish (Matthew 14:17) and had a FISH PAY TAXES for Him and Peter (Matthew 17:27).

He taught an AX HEAD to swim (II Kings 6:6) and gave an IRON GATE a Mind to think for itself (Acts 12:10). He had a wayward prophet deliver His message to heathen (Numbers 22), caused DEAD MEN to get out of their graves and Preach the Good News (Matthew 27:51-53), made Blind Bartimaeus “GET UP” (Mark 10:46-52) and Zacchaeus “COME DOWN” (Luke 19:5) in order to receive from Him. In the Book of Mark (2:1-12) he made a PARALYZED MAN “Get UP” and carry his own bed home… He BORROWED a TOMB for Three days and then gave it back, declaring: “THIS WILL NEVER HOLD (FIT) ME.”

He DISRUPTED FUNERALS time and time again, sending DEAD CHILDREN back into the arms of once grieving parents to realize He was ALL POWERFUL, even over Death and the Tomb. HE TALKED TO WAVES and WIND when His disciples would not listen to Him. He declared “FAILURE IS NOT FATAL” and WHOSOEVER WILL can come to Me and I will in no way cast him out.

He is a “REAL PARTY LOVER.” He partied over “ONE LOST SHEEP, ONE LOST COIN,” and OVER the WAYWARD SON who came home (Luke 15). His first reaction when seeing His son on the horizon, COMING HOME, was to “KILL A CALF and THROW A PARTY.”

The scripture says; The Angels in heaven Rejoice over “ONE SINNER” who repents, revealing to anyone with common knowledge of the Bible that with the great number of people being BORN AGAIN into the Kingdom all the time that God is constantly in a “PARTY MOOD.”

WOW!!! Can you imagine what He is going to do when ALL HIS CHILDREN come home? HE is going to throw SOME PARTY THEN. He is AWESOME, WEIRD, INCREDIBLE, ALL LOVING, KNOWING, POWERFUL, yet He takes time to attend the Funeral of a Sparrow (Matthew 10:29). I can’t wait to see HIM DANCE at that Party! NO WONDER WE LOVE HIM SOOO MUCH. HE IS WONDERFUL beyond words and HE IS OUR HEAVENLY FATHER.

August 28, 1999 Reverend David E. Swaggerty, Senior Pastor and Apostle of CharismaLife Ministries, Columbus, Ohio 43213

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