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The Gesher Center

Building bridges between the Christian and Jewish communities is at the heart of our vision.

The Gesher Center at CharismaLife Ministries was established to facilitate relationships between the Christian and Jewish communities in Columbus, Ohio. In fact, Gesher is Hebrew for bridge. The center displays our devotion to Israel and God’s Chosen People.

The Gesher Center is the culmination of Pastor David and Miriam Swaggerty’s Thirty-Seven year journey of love, friendship, appreciation, and devotion to the Jewish people. It was dedicated in July, 2014.



We believe that as Gentiles, and believers in the God of Israel, we are indebted to the Jewish people. Their history has enabled us to receive the Bible, the Tanakh, Prophets, many church founders and Jesus himself.

With the rise of Anti-semitism, as well as God’s desire to bring His people from the four corners of the Earth back to Israel, there is a need for a deeper relationship between the Christian and Jewish communities. The Gesher Center is a place in which the Jewish people can feel safe, comfortable, and loved. The Gesher Center serves this purpose.